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Gwaze's dna found Bridesmaid Dresses Australia Sale on niece's clothing and sheets Traces of george gwaze's dna was found on the clothing and bedsheets of his 10yearold niece charlene makaza, who he is accused of raping and murdering, a court was told today. But a dna profile expert warned that she treated the scientific discoveries with"Caution". The 16th day of the high court retrial in christchurch of george gwaze, a 60yearold zimbabwean vet accused of sexually violating and murdering his niece in christchurch in january 2007, was told dna could be transferred during washes. The crown alleges charlene was raped and suffocated by her uncle who she knew as"Dad". The defence claims charlene was"Riddled"With an hiv virus she had carried since birth, and that was what killed her. The court has been told she was diagnosed with hiv at christchurch hospital only after she was found dying in her bed. Gwaze has denied one count of murder and two charges of sexual violation. Ms vintiner, who tested for the presence of seminal fluid on items taken from the gwaze household, confirmed that dna from gwaze's sperm was found on charlene's underpants. Two other pairs of her underpants, as well as a skirt she was wearing the night she died, also showed traces of the murder accused's dna. But the defence witness agreed with gwaze's lawyer jonathan eaton that in a house with a"Sexually active male"There was a"Very real possibility"That underpants semen stains will transfer during the http://www.fdressesaustralia.com/special-occasion-dresses/graduation-dresses.html household's washing cycles, either by handwash or machinewash. Ms vintiner also told the jury of seven men and five women that in dealing with cotton underpants, 46 per cent of fdressesaustralia semen samples would remain on the clothing after a cold wash. If washed again, http://www.fdressesaustralia.com/special-occasion-dresses/prom-dresses.html 43 per cent would remain. The witness agreed with mr eaton that the process was destined to repeat itself"Day after day". Only several washes in"Really hot"Water would bring the traces down to nondetectable levels. She accepted the defence notion that her task would have taken on"Far more significance"If dna samples from someone outside the gwaze household was found.

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